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ethel's Journal

Ethel the Blog
22 January 1978
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I was introduced during the Jyomon period, and am made from glutinous rice that is steamed and then pounded with a hammer, or mallet. Nowadays, I am available in supermarkets. To make me, first the rice must be steamed. Then it is pounded and kneaded at length until it is pliable, and is then molded into small round cakes about the size of a hand. I am very chewy and sometimes people choke on me, especially the elderly.


Projects I'm Working On

- Quit smoking. going strong
- Learn to knit. In progress as of February 5, 2007
- Clean and make seat covers for my car.To be completed by March 22, 2007 now moot as I now longer have said car
- Finish my dress for CONvergence. The one I've made noise over for 2 years.
- Start work on the super secret website idea that I discussed with Petsnakereggie almost a year ago.
- Finish work on the super secret website idea that I discussed with Petsnakereggie almost a year ago.
- Reupholster my chaise. got rid of chaise
- Create my coffee table.
- FINALLY finish databasing my cds. in progress
- Go camping.
- Further my online business. in progress
- Learn to play the accordion and not just mess around on it. in progress
- Enroll myself and Wilma in obedience classes.
- Fix my dishwasher.To be completed by March 22, 2007
- Learn to garden. done!
- Learn how to make wigs.
- Finish sewing all the scrubs for which I currently have fabric. now moot as I have a different job
- Improve my skin's tone in progress
- Get a working laserdisc player back from 433 in progress....he just has to cough up the dough
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